As venues continue to stay closed in order to combat the spread of Covid-19, live music, as we know it has taken a back seat, often relegated to alternative platforms like live-streaming or back porch neighborhood concerts. However, across Europe and America, a new type of venue is emerging - the Drive-In Concert. Keith Urban was the first to follow the trend nationally, then Brad Paisley and Garth Brooks. In Austin, the ever churning DIY singer-songwriters created their own Drive-in concert series with singer-songwriter extraordinaire  Ben Ballenger at the helm. In Denmark, the city of Aarhus launched a drive-in concert series, which according to a report shared by Forbes, boasted an audience of over 500 music fans.

So why not KC? Kansas City is and always has been an epicenter of music, especially jazz music. It is part of our life-blood. We have a high percentage of full time musicians working in the city who may potentially suffer without an alternative venue. Besides the musicians, our people deserve to have affordable and safe ways to enjoy themselves during such a trying time. This has been a tough year on everyone and the goal here is simple - let's take a night off.  

Kansas City Drive-In Concerts has been designed with safety in mind. Our mission is to create a safe environment and to bring live music back to Kansas City. Masks will be required for our shows and social distancing measures will be observed. If you're in your car, whether or not you wear a mask is up to you. However, if you would like to leave your car/parking spot for any reason, such as to procure food or beverages or use the facilities at any of our locations, we ask that you please employ the use of your mask, stay six feet from others, wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer and generally be respectful on Kansas City's city-wide safety guidelines. We will also practice limited capacity in our restrooms in order to make sure a 6ft distance is kept between patrons. If you cannot or will not comply with our safety measures, KC Drive-In Concerts reserves the right to ask you to leave.